OncoSil signs an exclusive distribution agreement with EDH Nuclear Medicine

OncoSil has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with EDH specifically covering the Turkish market. With a population of 85 million, this country’s potential addressable market is already large and is expected to grow at a rapid pace over coming years.

EDH is a specialist healthcare services company that undertakes a wide range of activities including:

  • The sales and after-sales service of medical devices used in nuclear medicine
  • Sales and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals and radioisotopes, and
  • Sales and consultancy services of turnkey projects for nuclear medicine departments and radiopharmaceuticals production sites.

EDH’s geographic footprint today extends well beyond its home Turkish market, to also include Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Gulf Countries and a number of other Turkic Republics.

EDH Nuclear Medicine & Healthcare Services General Manager Hasan Ulas Ozcan, said:

“We are delighted about our collaboration with the esteemed partners at OncoSil Medical. The inclusion of the OncoSil™ device in our portfolio marks a significant milestone, not only for our organization but also for pancreatic cancer patients in Turkey. We are confident that the uptake of the OncoSil™ device in Turkey will be rapid, mirroring the success we have witnessed with Lu-177 and Ac-225 therapies.”

OncoSil Medical CEO & Managing Director Nigel Lange, said:

“We are excited to be working with EDH Nuclear Medicine & Healthcare Services for Turkish market. This highly regarded company has a strong background in Nuclear Medicine and a reputation for being involved in innovative therapies. The Turkish healthcare market has big potential, and we know from prior experience that they tend to rapidly adopt novel therapies. Together with our partner EDH, we are aiming to launch the OncoSil™ device in the Turkish market in the upcoming months and provide this treatment option for pancreatic cancer patients in Turkey.


About OncoSil

OncoSil Medical Limited (ASX:OSL) has developed a cancer treatment device, the OncoSil™ brachytherapy device, which is a critical component of a revolutionary brachytherapy treatment for locally advanced unresectable pancreatic cancer. The OncoSil™ device delivers a targeted intratumoural placement of Phosphorous-32 (32P) in the treatment of locally advanced unresectable pancreatic cancer. This occurs via injection directly into a patient’s pancreatic tumours under endoscopic ultrasound guidance and takes place in combination with gemcitabine-based chemotherapy.

About EDH

EDH stands as a preeminent leader in radiopharmacy and nuclear medicine, offering a comprehensive range of services encompassing cutting-edge device sales and after-sales support, radiopharmaceutical distribution, and turn-key project consultancy. With over a decade of experience, EDH possesses proprietary expertise in emerging technologies, regulatory compliance, and industry networking, ensuring clients access the forefront of innovation and compliance in the dynamic field of radiopharmacy and nuclear medicine.


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