Radiopharmaceutical Production Site Equipment

Hotcells (Isolators)

FDG Dispensing Hotcell

These cells are specially designed for FDG dispensing. Shielding options of 75mm and 100mm are available.

FDG Synthesis Hotcell – Double Chamber

The Double Chamber FDG Synthesis Hotcell is a standard product designed with versatility in mind, backed by many years of manufacturing experience.

FDG Synthesis Hotcell – Single Chamber

It is a single chamber FDG Synthesis Hotcell specially designed for use with cassette-type synthesis units.

Theranostics Synthesis Hotcell
(Ga-68, Lu-177, vb)

It is designed for use in small-scale radiopharmacy laboratories, such as compounding facilities, with fully automated synthesis units, for theranostic labeling processes.

I-131 Oral Capsules &
Solution Filling Hotcell

It is designed for filling capsule and solution products from bulk in Iodine-131 (I-131) production lines.

Tc99M Generator Production Hotcell

It is designed for use in the production lines of Tc99M generators.

Hot Lab Equipment

Lead Brick Set

Injector Carrying Container

L-Block Shield

Large/Small Radioactive Waste Bin

Sharps Waste Container

Shielded Panel

Stainless Steel Stool

Radiopharmaceutical/ Radioprecursor Carrrying Containers

Cyclotron Bunker Door

Designed to meet the unique requirements of cyclotron (particle accelerator) facilities with thick-walled rooms, the Cyclotron Bunker Door ensures controlled access to critical areas by providing a secure barrier against radiation, prioritizing safety and ease of use.

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