Hasan Ulaş Özcan has been honored to serve as an Ambassador of Oncidium foundation

Hasan Ulaş Özcan has been honored to serve as an Ambassador of Oncidium foundation

Hasan Ulaş Özcan, General Manager of EDH Nuclear Medicine & Healthcare Services and experienced executive served Nuclear Medicine society, has been honored to serve as Ambassador of the Oncidium foundation in Turkey.

“I have been personally trying hard to spread the word and reach more patients who may benefit from the Radiotheranostics and create awareness in the society. At a certain point I thought to serve community in a better way by joining our efforts with the people sharing the same passion under the umbrella of the Oncidium foundation. Together with Oncidium foundation, we aim to leverage Radiotheranostics as alternatives for cancer therapy and providing support to accelerate global access. This is a voluntary assignment and the collective efforts we will be having to create a bigger impact is priceless. I appreciate and thank Oncidium foundation team allowing me to be a part of this great cause” commented Hasan Ulaş Özcan. 

“We are very honored to have Mr. Hasan Ulaş Özcan as part of the Oncidium foundation Ambassadors network. Our mission is to support and promote the development of Radiotheranostics for cancer therapy, worldwide. Thus, it requires having local representation, notably in Turkey, where Radiotheranostics are becoming more and more available and important” stated Rebecca Lo bue, General Manager of the Oncidium foundation. 

About EDH Nuclear Medicine and Healthcare Services:

EDH is one of the most innovative Service Integrators in the field of Nuclear Medicine and oncology offering state of the art solutions. EDH currently handles sales and marketing of selected radiopharmaceuticals and radioisotopes as well as sales and after sales support of equipment used in Nuclear Medicine and niche segments of oncology. EDH also offers turnkey setup of radiopharmaceutical manufacturing plants and nuclear medicine departments compliant to EU/USFDA GMP.

About the Oncidium foundation:

The Oncidium foundation was created in 2011 by Dr. Richard Zimmermann to support and promote the development of Radiotheranostics worldwide. The foundation’s priorities include raising awareness about Radiotheranostics among patients, practitioners, and the general public; investing in research and scholarships; encouraging the development of new radiopharmaceuticals for therapy; supporting clinical best practice and enhancing access for patients, globally.